Why is profile pic not changing ._

I’m trying to change my profile picture (personal reasons), but it’s not letting me… tried waiting for 5 minutes, 10 hours, reloading the page, reloading multiple times, and uploading the picture multiple times THEN reloading. Nothing. Help? (@grazer?)

Try doing it on the main website and waiting for it to eventually work on here.

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That’s the only way to do it… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Is it just not doing anything? Is the image too large?

It’s just not doing anything, and no it’s not too large. It’s, like, 80 kilos

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The only problem may be internet, but if it’s not that then I have no idea.

Your info is only updated on the forum when you log in. Try logging out and back in again.


Yeah, but even on the regular website it’s not working.

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hihi, just checked your profile and it worked.

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It looks updated to me (black and white mask picture?), try clearing your browser cache.

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It worked, but it’s just realllllllllllllll laggy :sweat_smile:

Yeah, it takes a while - there are lots of caches that need to expire the old image (the CDN, your browser, etc).

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