Why is this bug here?-plz help

Im making a game and for some reason when I click on an object it does not even recognize that i clicked it. And sometimes when i load in i cant click anything at all. @grazer please fix this

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Hey @Cuts_ups - sorry that it seems to be misbehaving. Is it possible that you are editing a different layer (interface/game/background) than the object is on? Does reloading seem to fix the issue at all? Is it just one game?


im talking about during the gameplay

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Ok, then I’ll need a link to the game (and some instructions on how to reproduce the issue) to offer any advice. Usually when there is a mouse click problem the cause is that multiple clickable objects are overlapping each other and the wrong object is capturing the clicks.


Are you using the camera zoom? I know when you zoom with the camera it misaligns all of the hitboxes and it doesn’t register the mouse very well.

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the code seems to be activating but nothing is happening on screen

and when you do go to the right room when you want to go back the arrow there is not even capturing your clicks

its either only capture clicks everywhere objects are receiving clicks or sometimes none of them are capturing clicks
Edit: maybe its because of this:
it only let me do 2 frames??? and then that displays
yea it looks like the right room does not want to capture clicks unless i check capture clicks everywhere on.

You must be using a large sprite, that’s why you’re 16 over

the issue is still here and the game is not playable with this bug i tried removing the block with the animation but its still broken can you inspect this and try to fix this bug @grazer ?

Hey @Cuts_ups,

I took a look at the mouse click issue, and it appears that there was a problem in the mouse click and camera interaction. The fix was pretty safe so I just deployed a hotfix and it seems to be working OK now :+1:

You are getting that memory warning to alert you that you’re trying to create an overly large sprite sheet that could impact your game’s performance. The larger your sprite is, the more memory each frame uses, so the fewer available frames you have. If you make the sprite smaller then you’ll have a lot more frames available.

Also, if this is the “run” animation, then you have about 14 identical frames, which is really inefficient. The sprite sheet so far is 3680 x 1920 pixels, which is pretty large: https://flowlab.io/assets/users/83/user_834732/game_1921828/img_asset_12474581.png?v=1643494580169

If you continue adding frames, the sprite sheet could eventually become corrupted once it gets large enough. A much better way to linger on a specific frame is to step the frames with a timer manually.

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thank you for the help @grazer ! Im pretty sure i wont add frames to the big sprite since its functional as it is right now, but if i have to ill think of a solution for that