Why is this happening can someone explain. Look at screenshot.

Screenshot (24)

As you can see, my camera is showing around 1/5 of the block instead of the whole block and it is ruining the labels at the top.

Can u give a link to the game?

@Falah The screen can be made bigger and smaller in settings. if you use the camera on the main player of the game, you can adjust it so the character follows him. if you like the size of the screen, go into UI layer and drag the text to fit the screen.

Thank you @“The Kodex” it worked.

@“darian K” The camera is fixed now but if you want to see it here is the link, https://flowlab.io/game/play/1446513

P.s @Falah Your game is actually looking really good, but try to make your own sprites and tiles. That way you can make money off the game and it can be something original.

@“The Kodex” Thank you I will definitely do that thanks for the advice.