Why isn't my game on the first few pages

i went through the pages and my game isn’t on the first 100 but has better likes and plays than some on the 2nd page…


idk, might be a glitch. grazer picks the featured ones (the ones with a dark title bar)

it has to have a certain amount of plays i believe.

It has to be approved by grazer and then he will put it up on the first page. It isn’t about how many likes or plays you have on your game.


Grazer selected the ones with the boarder outlines on the first few pages, after that it will be based on likes and plays.

Eh… My Terraria game has nearly 2k plays and still isn’t on the top 20 pages

I use an auto clicker on the refresh button for my games, lol. Jk

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Please don’t, the last user got banned.

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Lol jk I never used one

That’s why I said JK after it. But I did have a friend do that on one of my games and I never gave him permission to do so if one of my games has a huge amount of plays, then you’ll know why. But I never actually did. I even feel bad when I add +10 plays to a game from play testing some code or something.

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lol my friend held the refresh button on a school computer (chromebook) thats why that game has so many plays :stuck_out_tongue: 16256 to be exact

Hey @Drolfey - I like your game, it looks like it has the potential to be really fun. A couple of things to keep in mind however:

  • There is a delay, so the games only change order about once every day or so
  • The ordering is based on more than just plays
  • If I see games getting spiked playcounts to the front page that I usually reset the playcount back to 0, and sometimes also ban the source IP address if I notice it affecting the server at all. (so please don’t do this)

@grazer will we ever be able to see our play/visit/like metrics? Maybe a perk for paid users? Comments/notes on game pages would be cool too. Beard has 550+ plays, but I’d like to see how, when and from where they are coming in.