Why my game is not done yet

Well I’ve helped make two games and made one game on a different account that I abandoned a few years back. But overall I don’t make games, I just do pixel art mainly.

oh well did you pay money to make some of your games

What? No, I haven’t paid for a subscription, don’t really plan to in the foreseen future.

oh well you can help make me make one of my games

thats if you want to because i dont want to make you im just asking

I really appreciate the offer but I have to decline, I’m way too busy with a lot of stuff.

like what? im not trying to be in your bis wax im just wanna know cuz im still in school

Well I promised someone that I would help make a few character sprites for their game and I have my own little project involving the community as well as just life, I have school, I have to watch over the house and take care of my sibling.

what grade are you in? im in 6th in nerbern school

Probably don’t want to share that kind of info to the internet, believe it or not but people can easily find out where you are. That is assuming that “nerbern” is a name of a school, if not I’ll look dumb.
But to answer your question I’m still in 7th.

kk thats cool but what game thes that person that told you to make people

what games he makes and what is the game called

That’s not my place to say. I’m not sure if it’s a private game or not but I don’t want to bother them by asking.

oh ok well im trying to do the cutsecene

hi im done with the cutsecene

at least i think im am

what r yall names

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Hey @lala_marmar,
Please do not comment on old posts. We have an Off Topic Channel if you want to hang out! :blush:

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k what is the off topic channel then and how to get on

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Check the Community Lounge section, it’s at the top!

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