why not work?


The objective of the game is to use the blocks to assemble new thing, so the player has to click on the tile you want to move and move the mouse in the desired direction.
but because the wrong block always moves?

It works fine for me. One issue you have is you need to edit the Grass block, click on the mouse behavior, and uncheck “capture clicks anywhere”.
What’s happening is that wherever you click, all grass blocks are teleporting to that spot.
Very good level editor, btw. I made my own in the past, but I had grid locks.
The locks were based on filters, extractors, and position had “grid” checked.
If you decide to try to make a grid engine, good luck, because it’s coming along nicely. Just fix that Grass block :slight_smile:

hey mhx, i know the topic is old, but can i see your project? it would help my games a lot :smiley: