Why will emitter not emit at more than 307 degrees?

In my game (http://flowlab.io/game/view/1123260) if you click on the multishot button it works if it is at 307 degrees or less but as soon as it gets above 308 it stops working. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

First of all, I love the concept of your game. Your player follows the X of your mouse and its very cool,

As for your problem, it will require a random trigger. I will use 308 degrees as the rotation, but you can use whatever you want.
Put down a random trigger, and make its min and max value 308. Then, make an emitter, and hook up the random trigger to the emit angle and emit wires. Then, hook up the thing that triggers the emitter to the random trigger. It will set its emit rotation and emit that said rotation.

If that doesn’t work, do the negative alternative and put it in the random trigger. The negative alternative of 308 is -52. Instead of putting 308 in the min and max value of the random trigger, put -52 instead. You will have to do it in the random trigger, because you can’t put it in the emit trigger.

If neither of them doesn’t work, I suggest to ask @“JR 01”. He knows his stuff.

This happens because the collision for the the projectiles are set to ‘any’.
Whats happening is the emit area is now closer to the player, activating the ‘any’ collision to destroy it.

I would Advise using an XOR gate so if the ‘Player’ and ‘Any’ collision is active at the same time, nothing will happen. If you have problems with bullets hitting each other, you could do another XOR gate but with ‘Any’ and ‘Projectiles’, then top it off with an AND gate for both XOR gates.


I was just about to comment myself @ShadowAxeKid :lol:

Or that. You know how to do it better than me.

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@ShadowAxeKid @“JR 01” Thank you guys so much!