Why wont it spawn

help why doesnt this code work


also when i do it pretty much any other way flowlab breaks

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You didn’t set an object to spawn. It’s doing nothing because of this and it should not break flowlab.

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when i set something to spawn it breaks

Is this a joke? How does it break?

it just puts it so i can click anywhere on the screen and i cant do anything

and no its not a joke

So when you select an object to spawn, the flowlab editor freezes? Can you send a link?

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sure one second …

i cant do anything it just freezes up

I’ve never seen anything like this, it also freezes for me. Let me get grazer so he can fix it. I think it has something to do with an error.

hey is ur profile picture TABS? i like that game

It’s freezing because every time you spawn the object it spawns again and again.

Don’t do that

wha? the code doesnt say it does that

It literally does, object 2 spawn object 2, that then spawns object 2 and so on and so on

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oh i guess that makes sense

So, a “once” block activates as soon as an object is created? Idk why, but for some reason, I was under the impression that they only activated at the start of a level, and anything created after that was simply out of luck because nothing was going to happen

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Once blocks activate whenever that object enters the game.

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Ohhh ok. Thank you for the clarification, I really appreciate it. Maybe now I’ll be able to use once blocks in my games properly, lol (probably not)

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