Why won't my game won't show up in search results?

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I searched about nine pages and couldn’t find my game, The GAME 420. For some reason, it does not show up in search results. I would also like to be able to search things with spaces in them because right now only one word search queries are accepted.

It’s because the search engine on flowlab is flawed, it’s not very good and sometimes struggles with searches.


ok, can it be fixed?

If you want to look up your game, The GAME 420, just looking it up with no capitalization or maybe just trying looking up segments of the title such as GAME 420 or The GAME cause sometimes when I look up a full title of a game, it doesn’t work until I narrow it down it a section of the title.

You could also try looking up the creator who made the game, such as searching in yourself and sometimes that seems to work, but the search bar is very broken and definitly needs a revamp.

Grazer said he planned up upgrading the search and games list so many games will be much more easier to find through the mass amount of bot accounts and half thrown together games.

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I tried those but it still doesn’t show

Why does this matter so much, searching system has been pretty bad for a long time, you’ll just have to live or give people the link instead, it’s not that hard to memorize it.

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