so I was editing my game as usual, and I click on behaviors, and the block I clicked on vanished! and it was the one block that took a MONTH to make! is there a way to get it back

Im Sorry But No There Is No Way

You Could Also Make Sure To Look In Your Games Library Were All The Blocks You Created Are Kept

Im Sure You Just By Accident Hit The Delete Key Which Deleted You Block So Check Your Games Library For The Block Click On It And Click Add To Level

If You Can Not Find The Block In The Library Then Im Sorry Then Theres No Way To Get It Back

I have had similar occurrences happen to me, but it was through a website crash. Sorry, but unless you have other copies of those blocks in other games, objects, etc, it may be gone forever.

Hey @nrypsjc - sorry, but I just saw this thread.

  1. What game was this?
  2. What object was this?
  3. What was the name of your custom behavior?
  4. When was the block deleted?

Get me this info and I’ll see if I can figure out what’s up with that block and possibly recover it for you.

Also @njbartocci - if you ever have an emergency like this you can email me (address at the bottom of the page) or even better - file a ticket. This way I’ll be sure to see the problem quickly.

@njbartocci - I sent you an email. I’d like to help you out, but the backups will roll eventually, so we need to address this pretty quickly.

@nrypsjc I can help you remake the block if you cant get it back. What did it do basically?

my_name (<_>)
it was a thing that controlled the enitre game. like cutscenes, alerts, and HUD