Will I get in trouble for making a game like this


Well, politically incorrect stuff is sorta grey area, just be careful about your audience. You wont know if someone here will take offense

I mean, there really aren’t any rules, but if someone sues you, flowlab is just a tool, and isn’t responsible for what you make. There’s been several WWII games, and the Wolfenstein games were very popular, so taboo areas are grey. Like I said, you’re responsible for what you make, it’s your game, flowlab is just a tool, like pen and paper can’t tell you what you can or can’t draw.

Hey @personman - No, you won’t get in trouble for making it, I’m not keen to try and police the games that people make.

That being said, don’t be an Edge Lord on these forums - I want to make sure this place stays friendly to schools, kids, or anyone else who feels like showing up.

In Other Words:


thanks :slight_smile:

I noticed the redaction, how about those tags I added? For anything like this in the future, I recommend those 3 tags. Gotta keep the kids safe.

I cried of laughter @grazer

wow thats sad the kid is maybe crying or scarming or something like that

RIP im not 18 +

but good tags

Well people that usually play GTA and CoD aren’t even 18 in reality. It’s just a mature content warning.

@“Mhx Ar” My parents don’t even allow me to play those games lol. I want to stay a child but at the same time I want to be an adult so my parents hopefully stop worrying about me :tongue:

Trust me, being an adult sucks.
I almost never have any free time to do anything anymore. Forget about not being allowed to play video games, I don’t even have time to play video games.

That’s why I said I want to stay a child.