Will there be 3d on this engine?

just wondering.

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This engine? Probably not.

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I asked a while back if Grazer would be interested in implementing a 3D system, and it was concluded that no, it’s not planned because 1. It would be a HUGE undertaking, and 2. Almost no one is asking for it. (=

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you can still create fake 3D

We can create VR with 3D3d is cool

We can create VR in 2D: http://forum.flowlab.io/discussion/9465/can-we-create-a-vr-game-in-flowlab#latest

2D is life

@“JR 01” 2D is life

wsdonotknowthisnumberexistsyetD is life


Awe dang I was really hoping for 3D

Look at it this way.
With 2D you are 2/3rds there …

i don’t think flowlab would even be flowlab if it was 3D

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dude a ti-83 can run wolfenstein 3D but flowlab can’t? this is STUPID!

TI-83 Wolfenstein? That’s written in assembler, highly optimized for direct hardware access and for sure gives maximum speed. Have a look at the TI-Basic version of Doom and you see the difference (painful to watch).
But you are right @sab00031 , the calculation options required are not available in Flowlab (yet). You can simulate some functions, very rudimentary, but that results in very slow execution.
But there is light at the end of the tunnel, Flowlab is ever growing :slight_smile:
I do not expect a 3D engine, but with advanced data types Wolfenstein surely should be possible.

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Unity is the next step after flowlab. I am planning to become a full-time indie developer when I can afford it. If you Advance far enough to try 3 engines in here, Unity is your next step.

Actually there are more options than just Unity. As usual it depends on your needs.
Just keep your mind open, evaluate what you actually require and then go and take your pick.

If you want it completely free, no royalties to pay to the engine owner whatsoever, I can recommend the Godot Engine. It’s 2D options are actually better than most others and the 3D … just check some samples.
It lacked behind the other engines at the beginning, but through huge community support (and even sponsored by the industry) it is now a serious competitor even used by professional Indie Studios.
It has an easy to learn optimized script language (similar to Python) and, YES, a visual programming environment too :slight_smile:

But even so it has all the bells and whistles (especially if you look at the upcoming version 4 release notes), I still prefer to use Flowlab. It is straight forward, allows for quick prototyping and testing and for beginners it is really easy to get into it. Beside that it also offers enough functionality for advanced users, I dare to say a good all rounder.

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After I finish vilestone ima move to unreal engine :smiley:

@glithctyrus you wont leave us for every right?

Hey @tertre i need some helps

@GrimProductionZ sure i can help