Windows 10 IoT Core is the way to go for Raspberry Pi

Okay, so after doing research- the raspberry pi has a way to run Windows apps, but its very…limited

All you really need is a Raspberry, a formatted microSD card with an adapter, a win10 computer, and, in our case, a working app for Windows.

Microsoft has a program that allows you to apply the IoT core OS to the SD card. Once you do this, you put the card into the Pi and boot it, set up the OS, turn it back off, put the SD back into your computer, apply the app to the card (Not sure I understand HOW yet) and any trace of Windows is no longer there- instead, you will be greeted with your app instead!

Dont take my word for it yet- I have NOT tried this.

Just had an all time screw-up

Took the SD card for my Pi, copied the files onto google drive- then opened NOOBs on the Pi, installed Win10 IoT Core, repeated… so I could Swap OSs without losing data.

Proceeds to put all of the original files back onto the card- boots up to Win10 instead of Raspbarian Jessie… ****

@“Mhx Ar” you have a Pi too, right? Any way I could get my other OS without having to run NOOBS again?

I know your supposed to have one OS per card, but I only have a single card so I tried to take everything and put it on a cloud

Couldn’t tell you, I don’t fully understand the shell. When I got it, I just downloaded some files and installed everything from a quick setup tutorial, then just opened up the command line and manually updated everything. Aside from installing retropie, a desktop emulator, some homebrew, and some other programs, I never really explored much about the pi. That’s something more to ask on their forums.