Winter Flowjam 2021 - Aftermath - level 1 done

I dont have a title for my game yet
but you go through your past life correcting all of you your mistakes

  • link to the theme
    Each level you go though a stage of life
  1. baby
  2. child
  3. teenager
  4. adult

Idle Life, Aftermath, Time of Age… Those are what I can think of.


I might use aftermath

what about elderly? and then death?

If I have time Ill add that

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Hey @edwardi, I was thinking about re-naming DoM aftermath off of @theglitch055’s suggestion. You wouldn’t have any issues with this would you? (for more info go to the DoM update log.)

No propblem(2020202020)

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Ok thank you! Just wanted to make sure, because I hadn’t seen this thread yet and didn’t want you thinking I was copying your name.

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Oh. You decided to go with the name.

I now present the worlds most incompleet demo
note lv 1 is not done

  • Aroww keys to move
  • Click to shoot blocks

(note I will take this demo down in 2 hrs from now in order to continue working on the game


Very nice man! Keep up the good work!

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thank you(2020202020)

level 2 is done child


Im a game devolper not a english teacher

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