Winter Flowjam 2021 - Five Star Frenzy

I’m happy to officially announce that I am taking part in the Winter Flowjam 2021 with a game I’m working on called Fast Food Frenzy! It’s a cooking simulator(ish) game where you have to cook up dishes and become a 5 star restaurant as fast as you can.

The theme of “growing” is incorporated through the use of the 5 star rating system. You start as a 1 star restaurant, but as you serve more customers successfully and more quickly, your rating goes up and your restaurant begins to look nicer. You win once you reach a 5 star rating.

So far I have 5 ingredients and 6 recipes, and the graphics are a work in progress :joy:

Here’s an early screenshot of the game:

I’ll be sure to keep you posted on it’s progress!


Looks like a good start, and I like this idea :slight_smile:

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I’ve implemented all the ingredients the player will be using and have a working customer system and 5 star system! This first week was really great and I’m feeling good about the second half of Flowjam.

Next week will be focused on fleshing out mechanics and implementing a wider variety of customers and changes to your restaurant.

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wait… can you submit games wothout entering your information?

I don’t believe so. They need your information in case you win.

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k, cuz im not sure if its safe to give away information on sites like flowlab… but other winners have not complained about anything so I guess its safe, because y’know its easy to get hacked like that.
Edit: but on the bright side again my dads credit card information has not been stolen.

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I honestly believe you can trust Flowlab with the information. I mean @grazer runs it and is always interacting with the community and helping out a lot.

To be fair, I have no idea who exactly gets the information but still I think it’s pretty safe.

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We’ve got ourselves a logo, gang!

pixil-frame-0 (12)



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I’ve finally got around to making a tutorial for the game! The mechanics aren’t really that complicated but I figure it’ll be a nice little guide that will make the game feel more polished.

Please admire this handsome sir that you may encounter while cooking up dishes in Five Star Frenzy.

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Here’s what will probably be the last screenshot I’ll be showing…

I’ve been working on the UI and timer mechanics today. I want the game to show you your time at the end but it’s being a little weird. Hopefully I can get it all working tomorrow.

Well, gang, Five Star Frenzy is officially submitted and playable! I might tweak it a bit tonight but go ahead and check it out when you have the chance.

Here’s the link: //


So there was a big bug in the game that prevents anymore customers from spawning after you serve a girl in pink but I’ve fixed the problem and the game is now working completely fine. I’m very sorry to anyone who experienced the glitch and had their progress brought to a halt.

I’m not positive on if I’m gonna keep working on this game because I really only made it for Flowjam and it’s not the kind of game I’d usually work on but who knows.

Also thank you to everyone who played Five Star Frenzy and rated it! I’m really proud of the game and the ratings it got!

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