Winter Flowjam 2022 - Drac's Big Break In

Hey, gang!

Just submitted my entry for the Winter Flowjam 2022: Drac’s Big Break In! DBBI is a precision platformer where you must use your ability to transform into a bat to steal blood from a fancy monarch in a very well protected home.

I’m still gonna tweak and add a few things before the deadline, of course. I’ve had so much work these past few weeks that I’m really surprised at the fact that I’ve made what I’ve made. I’m really proud of this one, and I hope you all enjoy it!

Good luck to everyone entering the Flowjam this year!


One of the bat challenges is like that mario maker 2 challenge of running in spikes before your star runs out

EDIT: just to let you know there was two bat orb thingies, but when I died, and turned into a bat i couldnt move right.

EDIT AGAIN: dang this is like a mario maker 2 level, with those fire thingies.


this is pretty cool! I like the music a lot.

one issue. in this level after picking up the second orb to fill up the meter and dying, I’m unable to move right as the bat.


That’s an issue that’s been plaguing me for so so long and I can’t figure it out for the life of me. I’ve been scrambling to find a solution and I even tried a quick patch but nothing is working. What sucks is that I have no reliable way to reproduce the bug so it’s hard to work out. If anyone can figure this out then I would forever be in your debt :pray:


If you need a way to recreate it consistently, you need to pick up two shadow orbs and then die, then when you transform again you won’t be able to move left or right.

Looking at the code it seems that there’s a strange thing that’s happening when in bat mode the keyboard behavior [s] is outputting up, this causes the speed to be set to zero, not sure if this is visual but something is happening.

Just checked again by reloading, can confirm, it is consistent.


Setting up the behaviors like this seems to solve the problem.
(this is in the bat object btw)


The code you were looking at was a patch I made not 10 minutes ago. I tried your code but it still isn’t working. However the method to reproduce it is consistent so thank you for that.

EDIT: He couldn’t move down instead of right.

EDIT 2: He couldn’t move both right and down and this is driving me insane.


WE DID IT, GANG! I believe the bug is fixed! Big ol’ thanks to everyone who helped and to Grazer who helped with the solution. I can finally rest :relieved:.

Enjoy the game!


Nice game! I like the bat phase and the art, the most, but the music’s pretty good, too.

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Another great Greggo game. The color palette and music are awesome. Great job!