Winter FlowJam 2022: Sumo Samurai

SUMO SAMURAI is a classic style maze game. You play a Samurai who has a dark past, with the help of a special potion, he can TRANSFORM into a mighty Sumo to defeat the evil army that consists of Ninjas, Mongols, Geishas, and vicious Ronin.


This is cool! I like the aesthetic and feel, and I like the dungeon crawler layout. I also like that the dude is a weresumo.

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Thanks, I was going for more of a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde type of vibe.


Now that I saw the thumbnail image again, I can see that aspect. Either way, though, you succeeded in accomplishing a duality to the character. I definitely like the samurai because he can sprint down those halls, but it’s also useful to be able to one-shot those pesky ninjas with the sumo.

I broke it :’(

What did you do!?!?!

I was spamming the move button while I transformed and then it made me move 2 tiles with every button press

I’ll look into that. Maybe I need to add some switches when transforming. Thanks


hehehe I did it too. Oops
Screenshot 2022-01-16 7.16.37 PM

We’ll I’ll have to solve that problem.

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