Wizard quest developer request

I need sprite artisets and voice actor apply below by telling me what you can do and giving me a sample of your art or voice acting

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My voice most likely will sound sad cuz im 12…

I cant really do any Voice Acts rn…


  • 1: im1 -Rocket

  • 2:im2 -Cursor
    ( I mainly do pixel art so if you need detailed art, I’m not your person. )

Also, if you do enjoy it, make sure to look at my YT as well!

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thats perfect thanks

think you could make me a fire blast sprite

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I may be able to do some voice acting but I don’t know because I have a lot of school.

same thanks though(this has to have 20 charaters)

I’m a PRO pixel artist so i would be willing to help out.

Also i have a YouTube channel as well I’m going to do a lot of Flowlab.io tutorials as well as pixel art tutorials.

I’m to lazy to grab the link to my channle so just search GrimWither on YouTube you’ll know when your see me. Make sure to sub and stuff so yeah. I have been doing a lot of streams lately mostly roblox but to the point I definitely make tutorials.

I can try… :smiley:

could you make a spell tome with a fire symbole on it

thanks for all the help guys

Umm i have a question what size of pixel would you like it to be and also what style game are you making platformer or top down game. This could help me out to make the sprite the same style as the game so it will fit in really well.

top down and 60 x60 pixels

Umm also what size like by tiles. You know how to use the size system right?

Would you like it laying down or just kind of floating also could i have a link to your game or and image of it so i can see the style of top down movement.

This sounds cool!

What kind of game are you looking to make?

Im working on a top down dungeon crawler Its really early in devlopment I dont even have player sprites yet

https://flowlab.io/game/view/1503735 here you go I dont have many spites in yet srry

It’s ok all i need is to look at the style your going for

Actully you should join @meburningslime student thing so you can creat a group so i can edit your game it would be much faster instead of giving you spirited becasue animations take for ever to add with a sprite sheet.