Work for me

Hi guys, I am currently seeking game developers.

Please send me your portfolio:


What are you working on?

Why? And can we recieve a Citizen Confirmation of you?

Yeah, I don’t trust a random email that pops up with no context other than “currently seeking game developers”

*Plus you’ve never been on Flowlab to begin with, and you’re already seeking game devs…?

It does seem a little strange that the day you join flowlab you open a discussion asking for dev emails

Yeah, even if you are asking for help already, it is suspicious to request email and game developers the moment you join Flowlab.

Also it says “Work FOR Me” and not “Work WITH Me.” That raises more concerns for me.

Important Note:
It is highly recommended until we get confirmation from OP of what they’re doing that you DO NOT USE THAT EMAIL. It is highly suspicious for more than one reason.

No, really, what are you working on? It’s kinda suspicious, but I just wanna know.

Maybe he just run out of own ideas and that’s why he asks for your portfolios :wink:

run out of ideas on the first day you join flowlab?

might as well stop commenting on this.

his last visit was february 12 the day he joined, and the day he posted this

I will priority message grazer.

Nice taking control of things. (=