Work in Progress - Monster Flyby

Give it a blast…

Not bad :slight_smile:

Almost like reverse Space Invaders.

Mhx- Space Invaders - I think it’s quite an interesting way of getting ideas to look at the old Atari 2600 games and flipping them around and looking at the concepts from alternative angles.

I’ve made a few tweaks and started to add in level 3. I’m thinking of putting a cap on how many bombs you can fire off in one go as I’m aware you can blanket bomb and progress easily that way…ideas? Maybe drop six bombs in a row and then there’s a time delay before you can fire again perhaps…


Do the bombs still get stuck on the edges of the screen?

Yeah, I thought turning off the friction on the game objects off screen would fix that but it doesn’t appear to be working. There’s no friction on the bombs either.

I figured out what was going on. The bombs were getting stuck in between the outer objects. Just move them a block to the left and right of the screen edges and it fixes it :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking a look. Initially I wanted to avoid this method as I thought there would be a delay in the next plane being emitted, but the timings look ok to me…so I’ll stick with them moved over one.

Glad it works out for you :slight_smile:

Cool. I’ve now made it so you can only fire 6 bombs at a time per fly by, after which there’s a delay before you can emit another 6. This makes the play more interesting I think forcing you to be more accurate with your drops.

You can now play levels 1 through to 4, the yellow monsters you have to hit twice in order to destroy. I’ve got a few ideas on how to make the subsequent levels more tricky.

The link again:

Level 5 added, it’s definitely more tricky (I think!) See how you go. I’ve also up dated the main splash page and main sprite with a Toad of Toad Hall type monster in a plane.

You’ve only got one life as is.

here’s the link again:

On level 5, you almost always get hit by the bullet on the 3rd fly by. I even won 3 times and still died after 2 seconds of still flying. I would suggest a turbo button in the top right corner that you tap for a 1.5 second boost. Also, I always like your graphics. They always scream “smartphone approved!!” :slight_smile:
I always just make sprites.

Sweet idea - I’ve added that function into the game now.

It’s given me a few ideas and I’m going to make the turbo a feature of the game play on later levels (there are only going to be 10, so levels 5 and upwards).

I’ll add in a switch so when you press turbo you don’t drop a bomb at the same time…

An on/off switch should work fine. “Click down” — (off)
“Click up” — (on)
“Click anywhere (for plane bombs)” — send message
Mailbox — (in)
“Switch” (out) — send message — emit bomb

Maybe you also want a 1 second timer connected to the click turbo button, so in case click up doesn’t work, 1 second after you click, the timer can connect to (on) to turn it on anyway.

Hrm…having trouble with the switch.

I think perhaps as the mouse click is set to capture clicks anywhere it’s fighting with the messages trying to turn the bombs off? I’ve tried various methods.

Side note: I had to add the invisible attachment that’s behind the plane to the side of the canvas otherwise messages wont get through. You can see it with the blue dot in the bottom left.

Mhx - can you take a look at this? Thanks.

The messages aren’t even being sent, and I can’t edit your game, because the cache resets if I change levels.
All I can think of is putting the turbo button on the User Interface, and maybe a huge invisible rectangle, and thin invisible rectangle that when clicked on, sends a message to drop a bomb. Basically 2 invisible, clickable rectangles to go around the turbo button.

Thanks for looking, that’s a good work around but one I’ll add in at the end.