Work Is Being Done to Create A C-17- Legendary Edition!

All right, C-17 came out so well(I have gotten all positive reviews from players), I was inspired to make a Legendary Edition. I am going to make this into a real game, with a disc and a case, a guidebook, and of course, a DLC code. This is going to be a lot of work, but my company (Chaoz) approves, so I just would like to tell you all.

All Flowlab Users Can Play The Game For Free!
The Game Can Be Found For Free Here:

@jngthree @grazer @niciece @pixelpizza @epicfacebob

Can’t wait to see! I plan to put hyper survival corruption out on steam and ect.

Feel free to use any rigs from my games!

I got a working wall jump rig too!

I’m soon Going to make a mobile version… Hyper survival mobile edition!

Nice Man, looking forward to it! I would, but i am running a free acct

Just added a quest log. You Can see it in action when you go to Hell by digging down too far, and talking to the angel


-Added Experience and Leveling up. Now you can get experience from slaying enemies, completing quests and opening special EXP chests.
-Added Critical Hits. Like in The Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim, you have a small chance to perform an Instant Kill. In this case, you can jump on top of the skeletons in Hell and kick their heads off.
-Added new area: The Village. It is being tweaked currently, but it has an NPC that you will be able to talk to, and buy from the Villagers.
-Added Ladders: They work just like water, except you can see your player on the ladder.

I am starting to run out of objects, because I am running a free acct.
So not many more updates will be coming out…
But this is the beta- if my company approves of the game, i will be able to continue it with the indie acct.

Check out my update log

i did earlier, that is a good idea

-Added Torched(Decoration)