Working on rendering, request feedback.

Right now, I’m working on an updated renderer that will be much more efficient for exports to mobile and PC, and will make the shift from Flash to HTML5 go more smoothly. I don’t usually announce what I’m working on before it’s close to ready, but I wanted to solicit feedback since this is a good time to make rendering improvements and adjustments where they are needed.

I have seen some requests for rendering-related issues to address already, such as:

  • Add sort order for UI objects (from CBG)
  • Improve interaction between Flip & Rotate (from Mhx)
  • Alpha channels not working on Mac export

If anyone has suggestions for improvements, or bug reports related to rendering, please post them to this thread.

Flip only working locally in multiplayer

Display order in UI labels. So I can put them behind or in front of UI objects.

@Latif3 thats already there

@CrimsonBlackGames No it’s not, it says for UI objects, I’m talking about UI labels.


If it’s not to much trouble, a resolution scaler so it can fit nicely on mobile.

@Bdarty I heavily agree, thank you @grazer for focusing on exporting, hopefully within the upcoming weeks we can see massive improvement on mobile performance, as only the high-ish end devices can play simple games at a good framerate.

Full screen for exported games

I don’t really like stretching pixels. Everything will look stretched, which isn’t really nice. But sure, this should be added for the people who want it.

I would like an option to fit the camera in the whole screen, so bigger devices basically have a larger view. For UI objects, labels and bars there should be an anchor setting (top, left, bottom-right etc.). For example there’s a label on the top-left and you always want the label to be there on different screen sizes. So you anchor it on the top-left. Grazer should understand what I mean.

Sometimes I want a UI object to be equal to the screen size, so a ‘stretch to screen size’ setting would be nice too (even though it’s stretching pixels, there’s no other solution for this).

@Latif3 Fullscreen doesn’t mean stretching pixels. Usually in 2D games it justs uses a universal size and “add black bars”.

I’m just waiting till the flip gets fixed.

@PixelPizza The suggestion was to remove those black bars

Anyway, I added the flip bug a while ago in the Trello board but grazer is ignoring it completely. :slight_smile:

I was talking about the pc export

@Latif3 The pixels dont need to be stretched…?

Theres different methods to making a game full screen on mobile without black bars, yeah some of them may involve stretching the pixels, but theres other methods like making the actual game size larger, and just zooming in depending on the screen size, etc. theres different names for these.

I dont think stretching pixels would look too awful for the meantime though, we just need something though.

Grazer’s been quiet for awhile which is usually good. Again hoping to expect things like faster performance and aspect ratios which are a must right now.

@grazer Sent you a pretty important email regarding a bug with raycasts and/or collisions, tagging you to let you know here as well. Thank you :slight_smile: