Working Semi-Solid Platform

I’ve not attempted this yet since I thought of the code last night, but nothing I can think of can solve this problem.
It seems easy when you just have a player, just extract the y and see if it is greater.
How do I do this, however, when I have crates, enemies, and multiple more moving objects?
I am thinking about simulating an object using raycast but I have no idea how to do that in code.


I am assuming this is not what you’re looking for? Is the problem that the object becomes unsolid so other objects also fall through?

There’s no way to do this with multiple objects and using default physics.
There needs to control different collision layering.


You can change the position of the player and keep the platform solid

You would have to turn collision off in the players, it’s not really a good method.

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It’s not a good method, but depending on the game it could work fine.

Is there no way to simulate a solid object through code? I could just make objects raycast down for a semi - solid and simulate a block existing there.


You would have to make your own physics / make all movements by code.