Would you want to help with this game? 12000 BC

On land

In the water

Sprites WIP

Cutting down trees

Flowlab Game Creator - 12,000 BC - Google Chrome (gyazo.com)


Cool. There haven’t been a lot of flowlab-created games on Steam or on the App Store though. I’d be glad to help out every now and then, but I need a detailed description first.


Okay noted. I updated it with a detailed description.


Wow, this game looks nice!

I would love your help with it, you seem talented. Im having a lot of fun right now tying things together in the game I can add you to the team asap, would you like to join me?

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Nope. I am apparently terrible. All I could do in 17 hours was a trash game no one wanted to play. Find someone else, I am not very good. In fact, I am likely among the worst here.

It might be fun on my side, but I wouldn’t be able to help with anything and I’ve already joined two active teams.


I can help a little, but I’m not sure how long of a commitment this is…? I am up for it…

I can code a little im not the best but i am good at pixel-art

Dont say that about yourself your not that bad :slight_smile:

Its a decent commitment mostly on my part but not much on yours. Check the message I sent you.

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… You are already working on two games with me. Maybe after the project with you, D, and I is over, we can both help this user.

I’m not really working on Red Inferno. I’d rather not anymore because there’s just too many people, and it doesn’t really work.

Ok, yeah. I guess it’ll just me DW, MP and I.

i would like to help, i may not be an expert at behaviors but im good at it, if i dont know how to do something, i will work tiressly to do my best to fix it :smiley:

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@praisetheyuppee cannot make a team. He has no indie teammates.

yes he does.

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lol this reminds me of that meme john always posts with the 2099 spiderman with the captions “I’ll take it from here”

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I used to have Indie and I have teams I created then still lol

Oh, that’s useful. I might get indie for a bit, it’s so tempting.


Me: gets indie for a month: creates 500 new games.

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