X-Yard: Latif's contest submission

So this was my game for the contest: https://flowlab.io/game/view/1454807

Instead of an arcade game where you try to beat your highscore (The Graveyard 2), this is an adventure game with linear levels. You progress through levels and meet different timelines.

Here are some screenshots:

More worlds are coming soon, and I’ll also add more levels to existing worlds. I worked pretty hard on it, and had a lot of fun making it, so please tell me what you think!

I also put a walkthrough video in the game’s description, here it is:


I’ve said this in a previous discussion, but because this one exists, I am just going to repeat it here: I enjoyed X-Yard a TON. I wished it got an honorable mention, but regardless, it was my favorite game from Flowjam Summer Jam entries!

@GalaxianGames Thank you! I’m really glad you enjoyed it :grin:

I haven’t gotten much feedback on the game. My last flowjam game was terrible but it did get a honorable mention nonetheless. So as you can see, the ratings are a little weird, but that’s how it goes lol.

Sorry I didn’t get to play this, I totally would’ve put a high rating on it! :slight_smile:

Once You Have Some Time I Ment TO Ask You, Are You Going To Add More Worlds Soon?

like modern day

lost city will be a good one

No spoilers, but more updates are definitely coming :slight_smile:

How Come IF You Search It Up It Does’nt Show?

@“pixelknife3”, it does show up.

@GalaxianGames, What Do You Have To Type Then?

You have to type in “X-Yard”.


when are you going to update X-yard? I played the hole game.

This game reminds me of pvz2

I enjoyed it a lot

@pixelknife3 I think you should re-read my first post

@“darian K” It’s indeed inspired by Plants vs Zombies 2. I really tried to make it obvious. I even put it in the game’s description.

I loved pvz as a kid and the second game was a really good sequel (except for the microtransactions, but that’s because EA bought the company that made pvz1).

I’m glad you enjoyed playing it. If only you could see my smile on my face lol.

could you add bosses to the game?