You Know Super Smash Bros (Read if you have a popular game)

Okay, I want to get a team together to work on a fighting game similar to Super Smash Brothers. However, the game’s “Fighters” will be mascots from Flowlab Games. If you would be interested in helping to make this game, or want your character from your game in here, please comment on this post. Before I put time into this, I want to see whos interested.

(Note: don’t worry if your character doesn’t have many abilities in the game he’s/she’s/it’s from.)

I am (but I don’t have a popular game sad music).

hi! this sounds like a great idea. I was pretty active a period, and i made a game that never really finished, but it got a lot of plays anyways, the character of the game could fit well for this type of game. if you want to use my character feel free to do so! if not, you should at least try my game ! :))

I would love to help, I don’t have a popular game (yet) ;), but i would lovveee to help fr

Okay Thanks for all the feed-back, I finished my other priorities and can start working on the game, I suggest everyone that wants to help to go join a discord server together. Also @“Magnus Aalde” I’m gonna try your game, Thank you so much for letting me use your character for the roster. Ill start a server for the people involved to join soon. (for discord) Tell me if you don’t have discord. You can get discord for free so it’s not a big deal.

The character from your game “Shotgun Adventure” would fix the roster perfectly. He should definitely be in the game. His gimmicks and move-set could be really unique. @“Magnus Aalde” Thank you for showing me your game!

@gamerztrio You can help make the game without having a popular game. The popular game part of my first comment was for people interested in having a featured character. I would love your help.

I started a server for anyone who wants to work on the game, or have their character be in the roster.

This link will take you to the discord server invite:

does 2000 plays count as popular?

Yes. heck 100 real plays counts as popular. Flowlabs whole “top of the game list” is kinda broken. Im looking for good games that people might want to get into after seeing them in this, or games that could draw people to play this game because it pays tribute to flowlab games they like. But even if your game doesn’t have 100 plays. I’m willing to consider it if the game has/had time put into it. Thank you for asking about this @seamothmaster45 i know you probably wanted a shorter answer, but I wanted to explain the whole “popular game part” clearly for others and yourself. Thank you.

no thank you!

here is my most recent game I’ve been only working on for a little while so it is still like a early access without further ado here is THE DECIMATION OF MANKIND I don’t have a better name yet