You know, there's one thing in games that I have never seen on Flowlab.

Dialogue. Yes, you can easily create dialogue by using alerts, but, all it takes is a little recording program, some guts, and a lot of patience to create actual, really good sounding dialogue! So, we’re doing it! I’m a two person team right now, and so far, as far as I know, I’m the only one whose willing to do some voice acting! So, I’ve got a proposition.
Do some voice acting, maybe help with some bugs or new features, and your username will 100% be in the credits. If you want as well, you can also become a member of our team! We’re going to need help, and lots of it, so any support is appreciated.
ALSO, I need to make sure you know what you’re doing. At least, you just need to put on a voice that sounds like you’re in the wasteland.
If there’s something specific you had in mind, please, tell us! HAKK3R voicelines are needed too, so if anyone wants to do that, please, just send me a recording of your voice, and I can recommend a role for you. Thanks a lot,

Can I help you?

Sure! What did you have in mind? Coding, Voice acting, etc.?


Sounds great! Welcome to the team! If you’d like a nickname, something short, and memorable, just let me know. We’ll be going over that in specifics soon, but if you’d like a headstart at one, here’s your chance.

Could I possibly help too? I’m really good at pixel art and animation, and game design, I’m also ok at behaviors n stuff, and no offense man but you need a better pixel artist than whoever u have

No offense taken, since there’s no one who really actually does sprites! It’d be great if you could be our official pixel artist! And others who come over will be under your subteam. Welcome aboard, @praisetheyuppee!
But, before that actually happens, I’ve looked into your work. Of which, it appears that you mainly go for a cartoony style. Fallout Anarchy is more realistic, and HAKK3R is a stylized version of reality. How can we know you know what you’re doing?

I want this to my name
But i don’t have indie
i officially hate spam block

Okay, XD.
But, not having Indie may be a problem. For now however, it’ll do. A few spots are open for people who are in the same situation as you, but they may not be very exciting. Except for one, if you’re into animation.
You can advertise our games on the forums, or go all out, and with that, make a game that is a trailer for one of them. Then, at the end, give them the opportunity to play it.
If that sounds fun, then you may want to try it. It’ll help out, a lot more than you’d think.