Your game character redrawn

yeah… but my brother doesnt care about it and plus i made the idea and my brother ment to put it on flowlab

Did you make the original Entity mod for Friday Night Funkin’?

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of course not lol. the characters my brother drew are original characters

Did your brother make the mod then?

of course not lol

Then it’s not YOUR character

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no. hes my character i made him in my MIND first

and also dont budge in


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I get pinged for everything so yes I’m gonna butt in

Can you draw a person im going to make a game for? i have a sketch of them


K hang on ima get the sketch

well dont

can draw my character as well?

I have a long list I’ll see if I can get around to your fan-made character

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my character isnt fan-made

and also hes name is ruzar

Here is my person (sorry its a horrible pic the camera has bad quality)

His name is Markos btw


Whatever man I’m not gonna keep going on with that