Youtube basic tutorial

making my own video game part 1 - YouTube is a basic tutorial I made for getting started in flowlab making a video game.


welcdome to flowlab!! nice tutorial

Welcome to flowlab!

Welcome to flowlab!
A few tips

  1. You can click the trash can button in the sprite editor to remove the starting sprite, or you can select the color of a deleted spot and just use the paint bucket. Or at the very least increase the brush size so you delete faster

  2. To make it so you don’t have to spam the button, on the Key Press behavior if you click on it there is a button saying if you want it to continue outputting if you hold the button down. (not sure if you already did this, but I thought I heard you mention that you need to spam the button)

  3. You don’t need to clone all those ground objects, there is a new Copy and Paste tool that makes it much easier.

  4. You don’t need to manually delete the objects by clicking on them and clicking the delete button, you can just hold “Backspace” or whatever the delete button is on your computer

  5. If you need any help feel free to @ me or ask the community, we’re always happy to help :llama:

Wait what how?!?


Really? I did not know this.

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You can hold shift to move individual code blocks :slight_smile:


Nice tutorial but BRO. You are a child. You really should learn internet safety and not show your face in YouTube videos, or anywhere else for that matter.

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Atleast has a green screen.

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