Youtube tutorial plan

Hi, flow lab community! I hope people see this, anyways I’m planning on making a flow lab youtube channel. I would love to help out the community not only on here but on youtube so everyone can see my videos. This is my youtube channel I will use for it, I’m working on a name for it, so leave your YT name suggestions down below! If there are any questions, go ahead and share! CHANNEL: DISCLAIMER: The name is my regular apex username, so don’t think I’m scamming anyone… I have to wait a certain time limit to change my username, so be patient with me plz.

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This sounds great @yohancetorres1 - I always love to see content creators helping each other get started :slight_smile:

Keep us posted on your progress.

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Will do! I’m currently working on a name currently.

Is there a way to change my username on here? I don’t want it to be my actual name

Hello grazer, whenever possible I would like my username to become StudiozLogic if no one else has that. Thank you

I want it to be LogicStudioz @grazer my username

Hey @yohancetorres1 - it looks like you have a student account? That is controlled by your teacher, you can ask him or her to change it for you.

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Alright I didn’t know that thank you.

UPDATES: I will sadly have to wait until I have my own cpu to start recording :frowning: i’m using a school chromebook so i cant do much. I’ll tell you when I can possibly bargain one.

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you could sign in as guest

Dude, I’m in high school they aren’t that dumb, they ready blocked out the guest account and any email not within the school district.

I’m sure you could find a way to bypass that, but you would have to be hacker man.

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XD Nah i’m good. (20202220)

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For now I can just make examples