You thought I’ll never make the videos! But I did!
Go to my forum and click beginner tutorials! :smiley:

You can make an account if you want… I’ll try to check the forum every night for new posts (if there are people on the forum)
I made the forum for the tutorials. So I don’t expect posts.
Hope you like it.

Hey! You should do game reviews!

Hey! That’s a good idea! Let’s do one for starblast!

WHAT!!! :open_mouth:

If you do that, do neon wars

(Heres a secret: keys 1-5 change the ship to the neon wars versions of the ships of the previous games)

Okay :stuck_out_tongue:

Coolz. This will be my second appearance on YT

Great work Latif3, these are fantastic!

@grazer Can you make my videos official? Maybe you can make a subforum here for my tutorials. Only I can post topics on that subforum. And maybe you can add a link in this page to the subforum:


Youre like grazer’s flowlab assistant or something xD

I want to be special…

Hey Latif,

The forums do not let me set a single person as the owner of a thread or category. I’d like to add a link to your youtube channel on the site though, I’ll find a good place - thanks :slight_smile:

Thank you so much :smiley:

This is actually pretty great. I used to help out a lot when the site first started, but I found it difficult to try to explain tutorials through typing. My computer at the time was too old for screen capture software, so it’s nice to see someone making tutorials.

It got a bit overwhelming when all these new people came swarming in, all asking the same questions, like how to walk or make enemies and items. If you make some tutorials for healthbars, menu screens, chaser enemies, and powerups, I would love to see your videos pinned in their own “Tutorials” section of the forum.

As of now, I only focus on advanced mechanics, and my wiring is sloppy, but if there’s ever something you think is impossible to make, I bet you I’ve done it, or will find a way to pull it off. Flowlab is a very easy program to learn, especially if you have any prior code logic knowledge.

Thanks for taking the time to add these videos. Remember, you can always add royalty free music to them, and I hope to see more tutorials from you.

I wanted to add some music. But I thought there will be Copyright issues.

It was very fun to make the videos. I hope this will help beginners a lot!


I’m going to make more tutorials:

  • How to shoot fireballs
  • How to make animations
  • How to make a health bar
  • How to make a menu screen
  • How to make powerups (fireball)

If you have any ideas for my tutorials. Feel free to comment :slight_smile:

Hey latif3, your scrollview + mousemove was spot on! I figured you’d be able to get that.

You should try to make an infinite scrolling rig tutorial. Its actually pretty easy.

Take the screen size, and the player position,

take the screen sizes and multiply that by 16 (if you want the player in the center)

Use 2 expressions (one per axis) to add the player position and the position of the top/left, and you have the rig!

Its used in crystal storm in the overworld