Writer of the DoM book series (to be published) The idea came up on my 12th birthday where me, and my brother were watching DC Legends of Tomorrow. My brother who didn’t like the series said that even I could make a better story, and that is what i strive to do.

I’ve wrote other books involving the same, and different characters.

The Story of DoM:

When a young man named Dr. Williams starts funding for larger more expansive space exploration everything seems great, and they are doing amazingly. 4 months later they send the first human to mars, and they find absolutely nothing! Enraged by this Dr. Williams starts designing a new rocket. 4 years later he builds a rocket that can not only leave the solar system, but it can leave the solar system in record time. After they search every planet in this solar system and the next, Dr. Williams is broken to find that there is no more life out there. 7 years later a new rocket is manufactured that can make it to a third solar system. Knowing that they are at a shortage of men Dr. Williams (AKA his new nickname Dr. Apocalypse) decides to clone himself (cloning was invented 3 years before). But one of the side effects of cloning is not being able to stop. After this Dr. Apocalypse cannot stop cloning himself, and soon the earth is becoming over-populated with clones of Dr. Williams (thus explaining why the infected look alike). After these events Nature releases a new way to stop the over-population from getting any worse, and releases a creature now called a wretch.

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