(2 Hours Left!) Flowjam Reviews Closing at 5pm EST

I’ll be closing the reviews today at 5pm EST and announcing the winner shortly after.

Make sure to play and review all the games if you entered but haven’t yet had a chance to!


Getting close:D good luck to all the contestants!


Thank you!

I’m so nervous!!!


Neon Break will probably win


I’ve played and reviewed all the games. It’s going to be very close I think…


I actually think The Illusionist was one of the best, personally.

Apologies to those I gave single star scores to. Most of those were for games that were broken on my end, or for games that didn’t follow the tap and swipe rules.

I also tested them all on PC using mouse only. If it couldn’t be played with a mouse, I couldn’t give it an accurate score.

Creativity, I docked points from those that just seemed to be reskinned copies of already overly done concepts.

Art and sound, I docked points for those that had no sound or used default sprites.

Fun rating was just based on my personal preference, as in how long the game kept me engaged for.

Based on what I’ve heard, my game hasn’t gotten very good ratings. I was just trying something different, and I guess it didn’t work. :man_shrugging:

Oh well. I don’t think I’ll be creating any more deadlined and theme limited games in the future, it was too much work for me to get done alone in such a short amount of time (I didn’t even get to finish half of the things I wanted to include). Good luck everyone else!