2 Questions

Ok, so i am pretty new to Flowlab. Though i am already very familiar with everything, but i am wondering about 2 things i want to know about.

Can i make enemies have Sight Lines? Where if they see you they will attack.

Can i make “Wall Jumping”?

Like i said, i am pretty new but i would love some help!


Yes you can. Look at my game Diamondsion Assault, the wall jumping is awkward, but I wanted to remake the game in the future, anyway. The easiest way would be to turn up the players grip, so when you hold Right or Left on a wall, you stick on. Then you can jump right and hold, then jump left and hold, and this will make a basic wall jump.
Now for line of sight, an easy way would be to use proximity. Have 1 be whatever size you want, and have it Turn On an On Off switch. Then make a timer for 50 (5 seconds) and connect it to Off. Now if you’re in the line of sight, the enemy attacks, but if you aren’t or 5 seconds, they stop. Hope these tips helped :slight_smile:

Thanks Mhx!

err… How do i see the games you’ve made?

Well if you click the Games tab, mine is the 3rd most played game on Flowlab.io. I believe it’s near 3700 plays. Anyway, if you try it out, it’s a short example of some of the things you can do with Flowlab.


@glithctyrus This is from 2014, try not to comment on on really old posts because it can flood the forums, thanks!