2d Platformer Touch Control

I am trying to get touch controls working. It is kind of working, but only one step at a time… I have been using MouseClick - Message - Mailbox etc. Somehow it should be repeating to get a continuous movement until the finger is lifted from the screen. I only get one step when a finger hits the screen and I have to hit it again to get the next step.

You could Add a timer in repeat Forever

Mouseclick (down) > (start) Timer >Action
(Up) > (reset)

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Here’s an example - take a look: https://flowlab.io/game/view/1596524


Wow, @grazer did you just make that example? This is the game number 1596524, and here is my game number from a game I started last week, 1591329. Like 5,000 games were made this week, well, I’m just guessing that’s what those numbers are.