2d side scroller help

so im making a 2d side scroller there needs to be action, blood, different kinds of weapons & characters!
i hacked to get the shading block so i want to do something with that.

wait until this guy figures out that indie behaviors disappear when you don’t have indie


I found that out the hard way


Wait till they figure out that’s not hacking lol


This chat is giving me bad vides

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what how !!!

It probably a glich that you have acess to it. It will probably go away soon

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the Weapon can Be a ak47

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well i can always use animations but i trash at drawing

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how do you know i don’t have indie

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yes any weapon you can think you can make one up and i will add it to my game


because if you would have indie then there would be a little badge next to your profile

you have a point but thats all ill give you

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pls do some thing with this run it 2 times first

I don’t know what to do with this there is no ak47 in this game. well, I can make it run at 240 fps but that’s all I can do.

its an ai that picks its personality

AHhhHH could you stop saying AI! It’s not AI!

Also really u are making so many topics

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i know

“Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems.”

See what you have is not AI

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