3d Drive, Polls, Updates, And Anything Else - Large Update - Sorry for the Delay!

Hi guys! AbstractGallery here, I decided to finally make an update log for my main project 3d Drive.

Here I will be posting the latest updates and I may need your guy’s help when I’m just clueless, which is a lot, if we’re being honest. With your help, this game gets closer to completion.

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The first things I need are ideas for different buildings, I don’t know what to make the other building do, for instance, I have the default track building, and the skin building that you must purchase to gain access to. I don’t know what else to make, hoping you guys can help,
I need at least three ideas

how about some tall cyber building?

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Ok, Do you have any ideas on what purpose it would have?

like a shop of some sort?

Well, the thing is, I already have a shop to buy skins, and I don’t know what else there is to sell. Unless it’s like a car lot to sell car skins.

how about a car shop

or 1 use power-ups that you can buy over and over again and the number of those power-ups saves.

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Both great Ideas! I think that the Power-ups would be the most expensive building so by the time the player has the money to buy the building, they’re already quite familiar and good at the game.

wait… you have to buy the buildings?

Oh yeah, you earn money by driving and can buy the buildings, I do suggest you check out the game if you haven’t.

I did, I thought the buildings would get added later and you have to buy whats in the building

You can buy the stuff inside the buildings. Originally the game’s story said, that you had to make a town, and you needed to pay to have buildings moved there, so if you make enough money you can click a button to have a helicopter bring a building to you.

Try pressing H & M at the same time, while in the town.

oh, ok got it

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I did it

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Now, do you see a thing appear in the top left corner? If so click it!

I did and this happened:

I’m still rich lol

Hmmm, it always works for me.

It worked for me, is there any other buildings?

No, that’s why I’m asking for ideas.