3D game help (hi five)

3rd pov, multi weapons, shop, 3D objects and player, any ideas

Uh, that’s sort of the hardest thing possible on this website. If it was isometric with spritestacking, that’d work.

@JR01 made a whole 3D game + posted an example

here, XD good luck… Isometrics are way easier than the spritestacking that JR01 did for witch in the woods, which is way easier than raycast rendering

nope 3rd pov but i can maybe use

It’s not easy. It will mentally kill you.

last time he thought i copyed him

So? Just use isometric. I don’t even know how to make 3D.

That’s impossible with Flowlab FYI.

Go to Unity or something. This is a 2D engine.

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This you can’t even use for a game bc it sysmatically does nothing and is all visuals lol. It’s still a 2D space… so building a game in it would be impossible.



Didn’t one of the Flowlabbers create a 3D game where you shoot an enemy.

i habe no money, im using my moms cumputer, i cant download things,

Wasn’t an actual 3D game though lol

It was still a 2D photoshopped sprite of an IRL Lego. Plus it was all still in 2D… if you go into the levels you can see how it’s just a 2D sprite pointing a raycast and turning.

Unity is free.

Godot you can use in the web browser now, try it out.

Yeah, I know.

Mhm, he could just use spritestacking though.

He could also use Unreal Engine.

i cant download things

True, and spritestacking isn’t as hard as people make it out to be. You’re literally just spawning a new object to a base with a certain value which sets the offset and animation frame.

It’s still hard.

Ok, just make it isometric.

ik a 3D player, 3D blocks

Yeah, Spritestacking is the way to go, although I don’t know how to use it, XD.