3d in a 2d game platform

I’m sure we’ve all tried this, but how would you do this well? First the object has to grow when you “move forward” and it has to move away from the central point on the horizon line. But that is already crazy to make because I have not the fogggiest idea about what exponential equation to use! The object’s growing rate has to grow when you’re closer to the object, right? But the exponent is so small. Could you guys with math backgrounds help me with this dillema?
(I’ve been walking back and forth toward trees this entire evening trying to figure out what is happening; it is hallarious to watch lol)

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What method are you using for this?

Something to know is that if you are twice as far away, the object should look half the size

is there a math equation for turning it into it’s reciprocal?

The reciprocal of a number is just 1/Number or Number/1 (which is just the number)