3D X Y Z Mob help

I’m using and upgrading @Yoann’s 3D code with major modifications, but i need to make a beta mob or moving object, i have tried to use the same code used in the cam object (placing X Y Z pos in 3 deferent globals) but that had failed.

Pings: @CodeAlpaca, @JR01, @Samuel_PixelPizza, @sup3r87

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I’ve only briefly looked at Yoanns code, so can’t really help. Seems like he would be the obvious candidate of who could help.

But I’d imagine the system should work fine with moving objects. Does it work standing still? If not then something is already wrong not related to movement.

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No it does not work while your moving, i needed it to chase the player (It did but it would gradually lose its shape).

@Yoann Might be able to help though he is quiet occupied and have not gotten the time to work on his own projects

I was asking if it worked while standing still.
Does the system Yoann designed use RayCasts?

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Only for the collisions, but for the 3D effect, no.

I’m still wondering if it works while the enemy is standing still.

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Yes it does, but when you move it breaks.

So you have the X, Y, and Z Globals constantly updating, are any other Globals that you could have forgotten like rotation?

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idk i tryed to use A+B, A-B, A/B A%B and it did not work

I mean, all those equations work, it just matters on the context of how it’s needed. Which I’m unsure of how it’s meant to be done without actually looking at Yoanns system.
I could get the main portion of the code and understand how it works if I spent a while to learn it all, but I don’t really have that time to spend rn

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