5 ELEMENTS - Summer Flowjam 2023

The 5 Elements. Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. Also Darkness.
Play as Lucas or Lucy Turner and their Guardian Angels; A Centipede (Lucas) and a Butterfly (Lucy). There will be elemental monsters trying to destroy Lucas’s and Lucy’s house after they both find an enchanting book in their basement and read a spell. Lucas’s and Lucy’s guardian angels arrive to help them fight against the Elemental Monsters before their parents arrive at 4:00 AM from work. Lucas and Lucy must give commands to their Guardian Angels to attack any enemies and defend their house. The guardian angels can also act as shields.


Ice isn’t an element lol, Ice is just cold water.


Well I couldn’t think of a 5th element, plus while I was writing out the story my 1 year old sister was Watching Frozen 2 so I just went from what disney said because im too lazy to think of an actual one.


I would use darkness as a fifth element. As light or energy could still be related to fire. Darkness is the absence of light, but it’s also a void where no energy or presence lies, making it unique and mysterious.

Like darkness could have the abilities to warp between shadows, or even a shadow itself, having no physical form other than an illusion of one’s body. But the idea of darkness is more related to evil and dangerous concepts so I’m not sure how well it would relate, but it would be cool to have an ending like in little nightmares where the character becomes the enemy in the end after gaining too much power.

I was saving this idea for my own game, but I don’t think I’ll find the time to ever finish it, so feel free to use it.


Nice sounds like a good game! I would agree that ice isn’t an element and is simply a form of water but I feel like the fifth element is always the sort of oddball or different one. I’d say they’re all water, fire, air, earth, and plant(Earth being rock and plant being well…plant).


I’m actually gonna use that idea, since it’s actually better.


The reasons I go by for basic elements is that Earth is considered usually Earth. Plants, dirt, minerals, etc.

Water takes the forms of rain, ice, vapor, etc.

Fire is a reaction and includes lightning, heat, light.

And Air is the combination of both heat and cold allowing weather. Making the four unique.

The fifth element is basically up to the user to decide. It could be a strain of the original four, but trying to make something different can be a bit difficult.

There was a movie called the Fifth Element and it was apparently love. Which could work based on the game you’re making, but love is a human emotion and not necessarily a natural or related to outside nature itself.

I chose for it to be darkness or even space as it’s an entire void of nothing that can’t really be directed under the other four, even though it’s a concept all on its own category, but it makes for an interesting idea.


When I informed my sister about the Flowjam, she scolded me for not coming up with something more clever than the Chinees elements, she said there would already be too many entries, XD.

Sounds interesting… Please make it top-down though.

Yes, all contain Plasma.

In a way, yes, but it also requires some sort of air.

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very creative name lol :slight_smile:

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Ok, let me change that.
In a way, yes, but it also requires some sort of Gas.

I have changed my mind about this game, it’s now going in an entirely different direction. A different name and everything.