"500 to go..." is coming out!

500 to go… is finally coming out! This is a game I’ve put a lot of work into and I need some bug testers and reviews. Please tell me the truth i’ll try to work on suggestions and take new game ideas.I know the shield is broken and I need some help on it.


congrats on finishing your first game! what did you put the most work into?

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Thanks! Probably a tie between the player and the background I made in piskel.

Is there anything that needs fixing(besides the shield)?

ok, so now for a review
Art: 6/10
The art is mostly default assets with some custom assets using the default assets as a base, the background looks pretty ugly in my opinion but overall the game looks ok
Gameplay: 4/10
The gameplay is overall nothing special and just annoying, i understand that this is a rage game but it doesn’t feel like a rage game, instead it just feels annoying, usually rage games are still somewhat fun, but this game is just plain annoying, also the shield doesn’t do anything to my knowledge.
Overall: 4/10
The game us pretty good for a beginner but definitely not a good game


Ok thanks do you have any suggestions on how to improve it?

i could draw you a better background if u want

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also Im in class so I might not respond as quickly :neutral_face:

@BradenS Yes you can redo the background

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I think I’ll try something for the sprites but idk how they will turn out

I’m trying to fix this but havent had any luck

i’ll send you the two sprites in a second

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ok, so you need to make 2 backgound objects. (they’re both 9x9)
here’s the first one:
here’s the second one:
then just place them in the background alternating so they blend together

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Thank you so much! I like it a lot and I think I can do the sprite more now based on this. Might chage it to lumberjack run?

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@BradenS @puginarug could you give me some ideas for the spikes and chest. It’s centered around a lumberjack and an evil chest (must be chnaged) and he shoots axes.

first of all, I recommend changing the camera parallax to a number less than 100.

What does the parallax do

it makes the background appear farther away, therefore making your game look more realistic

all right do you have some ideas for a chest sprite replacement and spikes? I can make them but I desperately need ideas.

maybe the chest could be some beavers eating your trees and you have to scare them away lol

I like it! I think it will be kinda like what you said and the spikes become trees the beavers have already eaten. Then the chest is there home and they throw sticks at you.

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