52 GIRLS - Winter Flowjam 2024

Hi all! Come check out my entry for the 2024 flowjam! 52 Girls - a game based on a B52s song.

It’s easy! Just match the name to the face! Let me know how you did! :slight_smile:

Mobile friendly!


Sharing some sketches and dev notes for 52 Girls. The original B52s song only names 26 girls, but years later The Offspring did a cover of the song and added 26 new names. I thought the similarities would make for some tricky memorization.

How far did anyone get? Did you get anywhere at all?


What’s Your Score?

Fail round 1 - F
Fail round 2 - D
Fail round 3 - C
Fail round 4 - B
Fail round 5 - A
Pass round 5 - S

I passed the first and second rounds, so I guess that’d be an S.

Lolz. I realized that was very poorly worded. Congrats on your S rating : D

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