8-Bit Skin1 (Level Maker 26)

thing This is Skin1 from LMTPE.
Now they have red eyes and a knife.
You don’t know why because you don’t play Level Maker 1.
Well,the reason is because of the ending of LM Geography,aka LM9.
On LM1 I made a level about what I’m planning for the game.
I said that you will betray Skin1 in the True Ending.
But Skin1 survived and is hunting you down.
You know,it’s been a while since we played as Skin1.
I’m planning for them to be in LM11 & LM23,neither have a playable Skin1.
Sooooooo I decided to create this.
What comes after LMTPE is VLM,by a LM1 user called “Shockwave”.This has been in development since January 2021.I suggested 8-bit levels and this game is based of that.
Haven’t started development yet.