A 2-player game inspired by Super smash bros...

You mean your “final”? I like it :smiley: it acts like the smash ball in ssb.

But I need help ASAP, right now… I need my P1 to emit something called P1 final when he manages to catch the smash ball and presses B. The damage bar shows, but the laser remains invisible. (Link on the top)

P.S. I really like your game!

Thanks. Im thinking of some characters to add to it. Any ideas?

Theres always two guest stars in my games

Maybe someone that emits shock waves? Or maybe an ice beam, someone who uses a wand, someone who’s faster and jumps higher but has no attack… those are just some rough ideas :slight_smile:

but can you take a look at my game? I need help fixing the laser P1’s supposed to emit when he catches the smash ball and presses B. The laser doesn’t show on the screen :confused:

Try making the character hold a gun or something so it makes sense. That way its like you shooting something really quick

When P1 catches the smash ball and you press B, does the laser-like object “Final Smash” show up? In my computer, it’s invisible, meaning I can’t see it at all.

Huh idk what object is being emitted?

IK! The “final smash” is so large that usually more than half of it is off screen so the game doesn’t display it , try toning the size down a bit. and make the laser move away from P1. So it has the same effect

Thanks @jngthree it works now! :smiley:

P2 can now use final smash also.

More animations added!

You should retexture sam into his Vs. 3 character

And make him damage easier. I cant beat him… Jeez is my character from Vs. really that powerful!?!

  1. I’ll do that when I have time… for now, I’m too lazy… :tongue:
  2. Bosses are supposed to be powerful… but I’ll add more items or lower the intensity a bit.

Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

This may just be a bug, but I got 6 games for some reason… maybe it’s temporary… IDK

It’s still there! Not that I’m complaining or anything.


who, me?