A 2-player game inspired by Super smash bros...

I just wanted to know how to make a character jump up to two times (not infinitely) in midair, not just on ground. Here’s the link: https://flowlab.io/game/play/482974 I just started it, so don’t expect much from it.
P1 controls: arrow keys, space to shoot fireball
P2 controls: WAD, Q to shoot fireball


Should I make this game a stamina battle or just with percentages? Stamina will probably be finished quicker and is more simple to make

Also, P1: N to shoot bouncer attack, M to spawn crates
P2: E to shoot bouncer attack, R to spawn crates

No items yet, except for the Jump upgrades.

Guess you based it off of vs a bit too

You mean your VS game?
I actually intended it to be for super smash bros, it’s just a similar game type :confused:
but if you want me to delete some parts that I mixed up with your game, just let me know :slight_smile:

Its okay! Its actually one of my goals to inspire other creators, thats how i know my work is good! :smile:


I want my player to emit a laser-like object called “P1 final”, but it wouldn’t appear. Can anybody help with this?

Update: SMASH BALL to unleash final smash when caught (well, it’s supposed to but isn’t)
A % bar, over 50%= death
Food to provide health
Icy mountain sudden death: a laser beam that starts at the top and slowly goes down.

I need opinions!! I want to either make:
-Master Hand, like the normal Super Smash Bros OR
-Flowlab members as Master Core, if you give me permission to make you a boss…
Or any other ideas that are helpful. Thanks, and have a wonderful day (or not).

tries not to laugh my character from vs

Ok. Working on it right now

Sorry, I tried ):
Results: https://flowlab.io/game/play/482974

Ummm… I figured u would use the 3rd installment of Vs.

And i need to rename him to “Sam”

This is the game in case you want to play it or use any aspects of it. Feel free to use ANYTHING

click me

@Jngthree I never knew you had that game!!

I need my character to unleash a Final Smash when he gets the Smash ball, but having some trouble…

I have something in my game called the super cube. Take a look!