A Bar update? (I'm sure this isn't already on Flowlab)

Hello! I think this might be useful to have.

The bar is awesome and all, but the label is better. If you were experienced enough, you could make a bar out of Ls. There are many reasons that bar would be better.
1: You could customize size, alpha, ect.
2: You could make one section disappear and keep the others.
What if the bar behavior had all of this potential. It would make games look so much better with much less time taken, plus one less object…

@grazer, the alpha and size would be a minor update, but it would help a massive amount. Please take this into consideration.

To the community:

Would this come in use?
  • Yeah
  • No

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That’s the idea,


I can see how it would make the bar behavior more useful since it’s not a necessary behavior and can be avoided using sprites and animations.
I did wish that the bar behavior had a lot of the features of a label since it’s also a UI behavior, but I never thought much in it, since you can make custom bars and frames that fit the theme of the game more using sprites and animations that can be used with other behaviors on top of it.


There have been countless requests to update the Bar behavior. Though I have to agree with grazers viewpoint as it’s just meant to be a quick start for beginners, just like the Alert.

It almost always feels like a custom bar is better. The main addition to the bar would be Alpha and Size as you said, and the addition to add a custom border and filling. With that I can actually see it getting used, but without being able to alter the sprite of it, it just seems like a demo behavior


Indie indie indie. Lol.

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Ok, fine. I’ll just use 1 object.