A basic tutorial on how I make my game bots

Here is what my bot looks like.

As you can see it has many animations and switches but they are only optional the most important part of the bot is the extractor, proximity, filter and the switch, you can also see a dash option that uses a raycast that is only powered if the bot is near the targeted object. Here’s a demonstration of the dash system.

While there are many wires only 20-30 of them are useful the rest are safe guards.
And How do you use bots in your games?

  • I don’t know or don’t want to use a bot so I either don’t use them or I make something that looks like a bot.
  • I use bots a little but I usually only make mostly just basic ones.
  • I use bots all the time and keep evolving mine for any challenge.
  • I will tell you in chat.
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Note:The best way to save time making another bot is by saving it to your bundles.

can u show me the game so I can see

I make bots, and I might not be the best at them…
But that is a lot of messy code. I feel like it can be simplified a little. :slight_smile:

I used the bot in the “Enemy” object so here is your Game link if you want to see the bot.

also its in the Game World Layer.

Hey would you like me to help you organize your bot while adding features to it? Also I’m only good with side-on(A side view of the game) bots so my help can only go so far if you use a different view of the game.

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I will see what I can do. I might not have enough time though. :+1:

Ok well just take a look at my game if you want help with a bot but it might be hard to tell what connects what with how many wires there are.

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this type of bot isn’t really an example, too messy for what it looks like it’s supposed to do

well if you want a bot that can completely track the objective and move accordingly with the objective while being object efficient(Saving the amount of objects you need to make.)/time efficient while also being able to sprint at the objective and even being able to easily implement into a side on game then it might be ridiculously messy but thats the only messy part about this bot. If you really think its too messy and you cant recreate it or learn from it then he is an image of my most basic bot.

I have color coded the arrows so its easy to see what to connect to what.
also this is for top-down and side-on.

this could still be simplified and sorted much better, don’t need you to explain it to sound like it’s complex ik bots can be hard to make but they are much easier to make if sorted (i made the mistake of not really sorting sword volleyball bot and i regret it)

No I didn’t sort my bot in Monster County. That would remove features. This is as simple as I could make a bot.

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