A Better Way to Find Your Games!

I created a forum a while ago that searched alphabetically for some games but never included anything about genre or anything else. I thought that I could try again with a little help from everyone. Putting together the forum that would search everyone’s games would be easy, but firstly I have to seek out everyone’s game.

So I’m asking, if you want your game displayed to everyone as quickly as possible, to please post a link to your game on this forum. After that, please give your game a genre and description. You could even give me some screenshots to show off your game.

Then in a matter of seconds…


Betrayed by his land, Feir walks alone. The last wizard, cloaked in white, travels across the land in attempt to save the very people who sentenced him into exile. Play through this exiting world and uplifting story as the last wizard alive through his attempt to save the world. Defeat the praised cause of this sick Earth and experience the abandonment as everyone seemingly turns their back on you. You are this lands only hope, and yet you are seen as this lands only tyrant.

Arrow Keys - Movement
Space-bar - Attack
Enter Key - Action
Ctrl Key - Items

Play it Here!

That’s an awesome game!

a flowlab fourm?

I can’t wait for more updates!