A bunch of improvement ideas from me

This is just an overly long list of things I can see helping the engine work and look better. Not everything necessarily needs to be done, and I tried to leave out things that have already been said.

General housekeeping:

-Dedicated update log in the help section. Along with editor version number.
-the ability to go back to an older version of the editor (kinda like how ?V=1 and ?v=2 works but down to the version displayed in the corner)
-ability to remove open editor button and hotkey without removing from games list. (Prevents cheating)
-automated featured game system involving voting.
-live chat for communication in co-op projects?
-hereditary behaviors given to children objects should show transparent and cannot be modified. However, behaviors given to the child itself should be able to Connect with the hereditary behaviors. This will allow better debugging and behaviors while maintaining ease of access.
-night colorscheme for flowlab

Maintenance of Behaviors:

-(Quality of life) Raycast option that allows its rotation to become dependent on the objects without use of additional behaviors.
-Spawn an object with set rotation and force.
-emitted objects that have additional rotation compared to the emitting object needs to face the direction its emitted.
-raycast shows in debugging mode


-Channels behavior I mentioned earlier
-turn on/off multiplayer
-needs to be better synced, like flipped objects wont show flipped on peers screens.

I think it would be a better idea to like… deploy the bug fixes? These are great ideas and all but phew he was quite a bit on his shoulders right now.

Nah, bug fixes should always take priority. That goes unsaid. These are some things for down the road.

I like the sound of a night color scheme for Flowlab


I agree we should discourage cheating games. The button to open the editor should always be visible, but the editor shouldn’t allow you to change sprites, behaviors or levels. For beginners it’s really useful to see how games work. But making temporary edits make no sense.